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Dear Newsmax Reader,

Today, you're going to discover what causes heart disease — and how you can easily prevent or reverse it.

And here's why this advice is so important to your very survival . . .

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in America — responsible for nearly one-third of ALL deaths. It kills more men and women each year than all cancers combined, including breast cancer.

And yet . . .

Heart disease is completely unnecessary because it can be:

  • Prevented . . .
  • Reversed . . .
  • Even cured . . .

And that's also why today I'm going to make my Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit available to you FREE with this special offer.

Hello, I'm Dr. Chauncey Crandall.

I'm a Yale-trained physician and an interventional cardiologist with a busy practice in Palm Beach, Fla. Because of my unique approach and excellent track record, people fly in from around the world to see me.

But by all rights, I shouldn't even be in business.

Why? Because heart disease shouldn't exist. And today I'm going to show you how to put me out of business, or at least never need my professional medical help.

I do believe God has given me a special role. I'm meant to save lives through my medical practice, and also share the life-saving information I've gleaned from decades of research, study, travels and cutting-edge cardiovascular practice (and even some direct personal experience).

I know heart disease can be eradicated, and that's why I'm so passionate about writing the Heart Health Report for Newsmax every month.

And let me tell you . . .

Doctors mean well, they really do. But they're often too busy to properly educate their patients, or to even stay abreast of the latest medical advances in the field.

Want proof the medical profession
needs to do better?

  1. Heart disease accounts for nearly one-third of all deaths in America.
  2. Your chance of getting heart disease is higher in America than in any other country in the world.
  3. Most Americans over age 35 already have heart disease, whether they know it or not.

Perhaps you have high triglycerides, or high LDL cholesterol, or high blood pressure, or a high degree of inflammation in your body — all of which will fuel heart disease like gasoline on a fire.

You may be taking heart or blood pressure medications, or at least a cholesterol-lowering drug. And you might even know your "total cholesterol number."

But just knowing your cholesterol number isn't good enough — because about half of all people who die from heart attacks have cholesterol readings considered to be in the normal range.

Unfortunately, our medical system puts the emphasis on "disease treatment," not prevention or cures.

And I feel very strongly there's a better way.

And so . . .

Today, I'm going to show you how to actually prevent and cure heart disease, so you likely won't need treatment for problems with your heart (and probably not for other degenerative diseases as well).

You see, what causes heart disease also causes the other major degenerative diseases.

And if you follow my guidance in your Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit, you'll be giving yourself the best chance for a long, healthy, disease-free life!

My patients are always surprised to learn these facts, including this one: Cultures still exist in the world that have little or no heart disease.

I know this firsthand because my two passions are heart medicine and anthropology. I've traveled the world studying cultures free of heart disease.

I also spent three years conducting heart research, actually creating and then reversing heart disease in the Yale University Medical School laboratory.

Today, I'm chief of the Cardiac Transplant Program at the world-renowned Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., where I also practice interventional, vascular, and transplant cardiology.

And as a front-line interventional cardiologist, I can tell you that . . .

We Westerners are creating epidemic rates of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cancers largely because of one reason. And then we're making doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies rich when we ask them to save us.

I've got a better idea: You save yourself.

And I'll show you how. For starters, I want you to have four FREE reports that I believe can help save your life, as well as make you feel 20 years younger.

Four Valuable Reports Are Yours
FREE With This Special Offer

Report #1: Reversing Heart Disease: My Two-Part Plan for Success

Report #2: Seven Keys for Reversing Heart Disease for Life (the 2nd part of the above series)

Report #3: Must-Have Heart Tests for Everyone Over 50 (caution: your doctor probably doesn't use them all, but they could help save your life)

Report #4: Fight Heart Disease With Dr. Crandall's Life Plan Diet (similar to the delicious Mediterranean diet, but more tasty for reasons you'll see)

Let me show you what's in your Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit of real value to your health and longevity. You'll discover these are the kinds of things I write about every month in Heart Health Report.

But this valuable information is YOURS FREE right now . . .

So what causes heart disease?

For years it was hard to pin down, especially since it seemed to vary so widely from person to person. But we've learned a lot over the years, and today we know exactly what the process is — and how to stop it.

We also know that the variation we see from person to person is really just human individualism. You see, God created each of us the same in some respects and unique in many others.

So what's the culprit?

Mainly two things: sugar and fat.

These combine to create too much fat in your bloodstream, which in turn sets the stage for arterial plaque formation (arteriosclerosis) and other diseases.

It should be no surprise that we have the very highest death rates from heart disease here. Because the typical American diet is loaded with sugar and fat.

And, what's more, modern processed foods have additives that promote inflammation, which also contributes to heart disease.

So do these killers:

  1. Stress
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Smoking
  4. Lack of exercise
  5. Hormonal imbalances
  6. Overproduction of insulin

The good news is — once you know how heart disease gets started and what fuels it, you can easily stop and reverse it.

And if you choose to stick with my guidance and read Heart Health Report every month, I'll make sure you have several practical options to get healthy and stay healthy!

You see, there's an easy fix for every troublemaking component in the heart disease mix, so you've come to the right place today to see how to completely eliminate heart disease from your life.

The heart disease process

You probably already know your cholesterol is made up of good (HDL) and bad (LDL) types. But that's just the half of it, because the bad LDL cholesterol is especially bad if it's the small dense type Pattern B.

Some doctors just give you a total cholesterol number, such as 190. You might think that's a good number.

But not necessarily . . .

You need to know how much of your cholesterol is the good (HDL) type and how much is the bad (LDL) type. And in your Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit, you'll see what both numbers (and the ratio) should be for your best health.

But there's even more to know . . .

You must find out whether your bad LDL cholesterol is the larger less-dense Pattern A type, or the smaller, highly dense Pattern B type. Too much Pattern A is not good, of course, but Pattern B is VERY DANGEROUS! Must-Have Heart Tests for Everyone Over 50

Must-Have Heart Tests for Everyone Over 50

Fortunately, there's a test to determine whether you have Pattern A or Pattern B LDL, but it's rarely given unless you ask for it. That's why I want you to have a FREE copy of Must-Have Heart Tests for Everyone Over 50 (one of 4 reports in your FREE Kit).

If you find out you have Pattern B LDL, you must take action to convert it to Type A as soon as possible, as the former greatly increases your risk for heart disease.

I also advise getting the new PLAC test that measures your plaque and is remarkably accurate in predicting your potential for deadly heart attack and stroke (see details in your FREE report).

You'll also discover the easy solution to "plumping up" your Pattern B LDL to be more like the less dangerous Pattern A type.

Plus, you'll see how to boost your HDL, which then makes the Pattern A LDL less harmful yet. This and much more is in your FREE copy of Seven Keys to Reversing Heart Disease for Life (another of the 4 reports in your FREE Kit).

Seven Keys to Reversing Heart Disease for LifeJust knowing these things alone could save your life.

Seven Keys to Reversing Heart Disease for Life

But there's more . . .

Your body makes cholesterol to serve many important metabolic functions. In fact, you couldn't live without it. So, contrary to popular belief, cholesterol is not a dirty word, and it's not your enemy.

The chief problem is when you have too much LDL relative to your HDL, especially if your LDL is the Pattern B type.

This dangerous combination occurs when you have a diet high in sugar and fat. It's worsened when you get too little exercise, smoke, are under stress, or have too much inflammation in your body — even if it's from an infection or common arthritis.

These are the kinds of things I regularly discuss in Heart Health Report, which keeps you up-to-date between visits to your doctor, and also helps you become an informed patient.

Again, most doctors don't have the time to educate their patients, nor do they always know about the latest advances. In fact, let me show you something your doctor may not be telling you . . .

How things go haywire in your arteries

Reversing Heart Disease: My Two-Part Plan for SuccessCholesterol travels through your bloodstream in particles. Again, the HDL particles are not a problem, but the smaller and denser your LDL particles are (the Pattern B type), the higher the risk they'll get stuck in the lining of your arterial wall.

Reversing Heart Disease: My Two-Part Plan for Success

You see, your arteries are made up of millions of cells aligned in what cardiologists call tight junctions . . .

But stress, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and high blood pressure can stretch the artery and damage it in spots, which allows those small, dense (Pattern B) LDL particles to embed in the tight junctions.

This is the beginning of heart disease because it triggers an inflammatory immune response.

You'll hear all about this in Reversing Heart Disease: My Two-Part Plan for Success (one of 4 reports in your FREE Kit), but here's the basic idea . . .

It's like getting a splinter

Think about what happens when you get a splinter in your finger. It swells and turns a little red. That's your normal immune response — isolating it in order to expel it, which it typically does in a few days.

Some people do this quite well. But others can't leave a splinter under their skin because it will become inflamed and infected.

And if this sounds familiar, you probably already have a tried-and-true method of "splinter extraction."

Now, a similar process occurs with the embedded LDL particles in your arteries. Your immune system goes to work to repair the damage, but the normal inflammation process creates something akin to a blister.

Some people heal these blisters just fine. But many others — and this explains why some people are more prone to heart disease than others — don't make the repairs very successfully.

And, of course ,you can't dig the LDL particles out of your arteries as you would splinters out of your skin. So . . .

The embedded fat particle triggers inflammation, which creates a blister, which attracts more fat particles, and this starts the plaque buildup.

What happens is your body tries to heal this condition by sealing the plaque with red blood cells, making something like a scab.

But this sealing process can also go haywire, causing hardened blood clots to form. And the rupture of these clots causes most heart attacks and strokes.

Have you ever heard it explained to you this way?

Frankly, most doctors don't have time to explain it. That's why you need to read Heart Health Report each month and get the practical solutions you need.

Look here . . .

If you have triglycerides over 150, Pattern B LDL cholesterol, and low HDL, you'll build plaque faster, which over time calcifies and hardens. And if a piece breaks off and travels to your heart or brain, it can kill you — or leave you debilitated for life.

I'm not going to let that happen to you, if I can help it.

And that's why I want you to have this FREE KIT, and also start reading my Heart Health Report each month.

Fortunately for you, my publisher is generously offering you a 12-month subscription for just 15 cents a day (and no-risk guarantee, too).

But let's discover more about heart disease . . .

Researchers find inflammation is
at the heart of many diseases

Heart disease progression worsens if you're under stress and not getting enough exercise . . . or if you're a smoker . . . or if you have an infection or arthritis, or anything else that elevates your body's inflammation.

KEY POINT: Inflammation used to be regarded as a "marker" for heart disease, but today we know it "drives" heart disease. And, increasingly, medical researchers are learning that numerous diseases are caused by chronic inflammation.

When you start reading Heart Health Report, you'll see all the different ways you can reduce inflammation — so you can avoid many health problems. But you already know how heart disease gets started and then progresses.

So, here are some things you can do right how to prevent, reverse, and cure heart disease.

First, quit smoking (get medical help if you need to).

Next, get more exercise (you know you need it).

Fight Heart Disease With Dr. Crandall's Life Plan Diet Next, make sure you have a release for stress. You can use anything from tennis, golf, or fishing, to prayer or meditation, to expressing love and forgiveness toward your fellow human beings, family, even pets.

Next, I strongly advise that you cut out all sugars.

Fight Heart Disease With Dr. Crandall's Life Plan Diet

Cut way back on refined carbohydrates that convert to sugar in your body. And cut back on fatty foods.

You'll want to increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Fish and chicken are OK, and even a little lean red meat on occasion is fine.

In your FREE copy of Fight Heart Disease With Dr. Crandall's Life Plan Diet, you'll see exactly what to do.

And very soon, you'll feel so good on your new diet (even 20 years younger and more energetic), you'll wonder why you didn't do this years ago.

But . . .

Hold it right there, Dr. Crandall

OK, I hear at least one objection, "But Dr. Crandall, I can't give up my nightly ice cream."

Ah yes . . . the perfect combination of sugar and fat, and so delicious, too.

Well, I hear you, loud and clear. And believe it or not, my patients, even those who've had heart attacks, routinely tell me the same thing.

So, this is as good a time as any to explain what I do as an "interventional cardiologist," and also why you're going to love your Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit, plus reading my Heart Health Report every month.

I have a medical philosophy that's best expressed as . . . "I meet you right where you are." And then I work with you on a comfortable course of treatment to achieve the best outcome over time.

For example . . .

If you were to come to me as a heart patient, I would use everything in my medical arsenal — conventional medicine, emerging treatments, lifestyle changes, and a few specialties of my own — to get you WELL as quickly as possible.

I'd want you to be symptom-free, drug-free, and as stress-free as possible.

But I understand that everyone is different.

And that's why I assess everything that's going on with my patients, including what they're likely to do and not do, before prescribing a course of treatment.

With every patient I seek to stop heart disease in its tracks and reverse it.

But what good is it if I insist on an ultra-strict plan that my patients can't follow?

And that's why I offer several options for both resolving and reducing heart problems and risks.

For example, I'd rather you didn't use statin drugs, but I may prescribe them to quickly get your numbers under control, while urging you to make lifestyle changes to control them naturally over time.

Or I might have you take a low-dose statin every other day, which greatly reduces the chance of side effects. Many of my patients do very well on this very regimen.

Bypass surgery should be your LAST resort

If you had a cardiac event and were in the hospital with a heart surgeon insisting on bypass surgery, I'd tell you to get a second opinion and consider balloon angioplasty and the new stents.

In most cases, these are proving very effective without the trauma of open-heart surgery.

Most important, I'd give you the perfect plan to totally eliminate heart disease from your life.

But I'd also give you a Plan B, and a Plan C.

The important thing is to JUST get started with prevention and reversal, because small improvements in heart disease will make big improvements in your overall health.

Of course, what's right for one patient isn't always right for the next. That's why you need to know all of your options.

And with knowledge, guidance, and support, you can reverse heart disease and go on to completely eliminate it from your life.

The good news is this: There are so many excellent options today, and that's why I want you to have this valuable FREE KIT that's loaded with practical information you can use right away.

Yes — I want my FREE Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit now!

Get your Heart Disease Prevention
& Reversal Kit FREE today!

Naturally, at my cardiology practice, I can only see so many patients each month. But fortunately, I can reach thousands more through my newsletter.

And so today I'm inviting you to join me by reading my Heart Health Report every month for the next year.

That way, I can provide you with the knowledge, support, and guidance you need to eliminate heart disease from your life.

And best of all . . .

Your Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit is yours FREE today.

And of course, your three-month trial subscription to Heart Health Report comes with no obligation. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy three monthly issues chock-full of heart-healthy tips and strategies.

Just look at everything you'll receive:

Reversing Heart Disease: My Two-Part Plan for Success

Reversing Heart Disease: My Two-Part Plan for Success
  • Reversing Heart Disease: My Two-Part Plan for SuccessWhy even mildly high blood pressure is called the "silent killer" (hint: it severely damages your arteries and promotes heart disease).
  • How heart disease gets started (explains how fat travels in your bloodstream and the dense LDL cholesterol particles embed in the damaged parts of your arteries).
  • How your immune system tries to make arterial repairs (why this process can go haywire and actually contribute to the buildup of more plaque).
  • Why elevated inflammation, even from infections or arthritis, makes heart disease worse.
  • Important targets to reach to reverse heart disease (including readings for HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, thyroid levels, kidney function, body weight, and body mass index).
  • The importance of lifestyle changes (including diet and exercise, which can be made gradually while drugs are used in the short term to keep you safe).

Seven Keys for Reversing Heart Disease for Life

Seven Keys for Reversing Heart Disease for Life
  • Seven Keys for Reversing Heart Disease for LifeWhy your first step is re-education (see how to think in terms of preventing or reversing heart disease).
  • How to hit your heart-healthy targets (including boosting HDL, reducing and plumping small dense LDL, and keeping thyroid, C-reactive protein. and homocysteine levels in their safe ranges).
  • When and how to use statin drugs (how to diminish the risks of harmful long-term side effects, plus effective natural alternatives such as a better diet, fish oil, niacin, and exercise).
  • Why losing just a few pounds actually works as well as blood pressure medication (drugs are rarely necessary, or at least not needed for long).
  • How to use fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains to cut your heart-disease risk, while still enjoying some fish, chicken, and occasional lean red meat.
  • How walking for an hour at least four times per week dramatically cuts your risk for heart disease.
  • Why finding "purpose" in life helps you reverse heart disease (it's what God intended for you).

Must-Have Heart Tests for Everyone Over 50

Must-Have Heart Tests for Everyone Over 50
  • Must-Have Heart Tests for Everyone Over 50Discover the "Fabulous 15" heart tests (you may not need them all, but you're almost certain to need more than you're getting now).
  • Ultrasound test for arterial plaque buildup (you'll actually get a "percentage plaque blockage" readout for your carotid and other main arteries).
  • Complete lipid or heart panel (the complete panel will show several markers for heart disease, including the dangerous Pattern B LDL cholesterol, C-reactive protein, homocysteine, and other blood-fat components).
  • Blood fasting sugar test (some people try to outwit this test by changing their diet a day or two beforehand, but the best test goes back 90 days and can't be fooled — let me show you which test to get).
  • PLAC test (this one's new and most doctors aren't using it, but it's remarkably accurate in evaluating the likelihood of plaque rupturing and causing a deadly heart attack or stroke — invaluable).
  • Hormone levels (very few doctors specialize in this, but insufficient levels of thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, and other hormones will contribute to your progression of heart disease).

Fight Heart Disease With Dr. Crandall's Life Plan Diet

Fight Heart Disease With Dr. Crandall's Life Plan Diet
  • Fight Heart Disease With Dr. Crandall's Life Plan DietSee the diet that cuts heart disease risk by 17 times (you'll be amazed!).
  • Discover the Cave Man Diet (simple natural foods that kept ancient man healthy before the advent of modern fatty, sugary, and processed foods).
  • See how less sugar and fat prevents disease (not just heart disease, but also Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, cancers, and dementia).
  • See what to do if you've already had a heart attack or cardiac scare (this specific diet will reverse and eliminate heart disease from your life).
  • See how to use heart medications as a bridge (while you gradually make lifestyle changes that will make them unnecessary, or needed only in safer low doses).
  • Discover Dr. Crandall's Life Plan Diet (try this delicious diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, olives and olive oil, Greek-style yogurt, garlic, goat cheese, fish, chicken, red wine, even some occasional red meat.

A 3-Month Trial Subscription to Dr. Crandall's Heart Health Report

Heart Health Report
  • Heart Health ReportInformation you can use immediately to help you prevent & reverse heart disease . . .
  • Saves you money on doctor visits,
    unnecessary medication, and other
    expenses of medical care . . .
  • Like a monthly visit with a virtual cardiologist — at no cost for three months . . .

Does this sound like a great package for you? You bet it is! And . . .

What better time to start eliminating heart disease — as well as its related degenerative diseases — than RIGHT NOW?

You'll get the four reports in my Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal Kit — and 3 FREE monthly issues of Heart Health Report, too . . .

No Pressure — No Hassles

If, after taking a close look at Heart Health Report, you don't believe it can dramatically improve your health — and even save your life — just let us know. You have no obligation to pay even one thin dime!

And of course, you can always keep your FREE Four-Report Kit and 3FREE issues of Heart Health Report with my thanks, just for giving my newsletter a try.

By the way, as a subscriber you'll also get immediate and unlimited FREE access to my Heart Health Report web archives, where you can read such reports as . . .

  • Take the First Step Toward a Life Free of Heart Disease
  • Seven Steps for Living Statin Free
  • 8 Steps for Reducing High Blood Pressure
  • Should You Pass on Bypass Surgery?

Plus, these valuable titles:

  • The Diabetes-Heart Disease Connection
  • Unclog Your Arteries Without Painful Surgery
  • Women and Heart Disease: Risks and Warning Signs

ACT NOW . . . on this fantastic offer, as my publisher may not be able to offer it for long.

Just order below and get on the path to prevent, reverse, and completely eliminate heart disease from your life. Start today.

I know you'll be glad you did.

Your partner in a longer and healthier life,

Chauncey Crandall

Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

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