Renowned Cardiologist Reveals 15 'Must-Have'
Heart Tests for Every Person Over 50 . . .
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New Heart Tests Tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .

Check the second hand on your watch.

Within 38 seconds, another American will die from heart disease.

During the course of a single day, that adds up to 2,300 deaths. It's easy to see how heart ailments kill off more Americans of both sexes than any other condition.

Obviously, some of these deaths cannot be prevented.

New Heart Tests

Even under the best of circumstances — with top prevention and treatment measures — none of us will be guaranteed a long and healthy life.

But consider how it would affect your family, and the plans and goals you have set for your life, to be taken out by a problem you could have prevented or fixed with just a little foresight.

Ask John Ritter's Wife Amy

A few years ago, actor John Ritter (remember his old sitcom Three's Company?) was at work on the set of his TV show when he suddenly became ill.

Although the doctors at first suspected a heart attack, they later discovered an aortic dissection, a tear in his heart's biggest blood vessel. Despite surgery to repair the problem, he died that evening.

He was only 54 years old.

Besides leaving behind his wife and 5-year-old daughter, there's another tragedy in his story.

Ritter underwent some heart testing two years before his death.

He was told he had coronary artery disease, but he ignored the problem and did not seek further testing or care that might have detected the tear in his aorta.

Ritter Never Heeded the 'Fabulous 15' . . .

Perhaps you know your risk factors. Even your family history for cardiovascular disease. You get your annual check-ups. Maybe you've even had limited heart testing.

Unfortunately, that's not enough.

No single test can tell you the whole story about your risk for a cardiac event.

That's where the "Fabulous 15" come in.

According to noted cardiologist Dr. Chauncey Crandall, nearly everyone over 50 is at risk for heart disease due to age alone. That's why he recommends you get the facts about 15 of the best tests to evaluate your heart for problems.

Dr. Crandall, one of our popular Newsmax medical editors, knows what he's talking about.

As a cardiologist and a heart attack survivor himself (at the young age of 48), he has intimate knowledge about heart disease and its impact on all facets of your life, including your family's security.

That's why he particularly wants to make sure he gets his report into your hands, quickly.

May We Rush You This Special
Life-Saving Report — at No Charge?

As Dr. Crandall will tell you, newly developed tools offer you a more advanced understanding of heart disease.

FREE ReportSo he wrote a special report, Must-Have Heart Tests for Everyone Over 50, to help you get a handle on the options you have available. Options to help minimize your risk of dying before your time from the nation's No.1 killer.

FREE Report

You'll receive this gift along with your 3-month trial subscription to Dr. Crandall's Heart Health Report for a Symptom, Drug & Stress Free Life.

In your complimentary report, Must-Have Heart Tests for Everyone Over 50, Dr. Crandall will share with you all the tests he would personally recommend to his own patients — and explain them, in plain English.

Here are just a few of the heart-saving tips and strategies you'll glean from your FREE Report:

  • How "man-o-pause" can raise your cholesterol levels (and cause poor sexual performance, too) . . .
  • What never to do before a fasting blood sugar test . . .
  • The most important piece of "exercise equipment" in your home (Caution: It's not what you think) . . .
  • When your triglyceride levels really matter (Hint: Your genes could be involved) . . .
  • Smoking only 100 cigarettes during your lifetime puts you at risk for a potentially fatal abdominal aortic aneurysm. Discover when Medicare will pay to screen you . . .
  • This test is so new your doctor probably hasn't even heard of it, yet it can help evaluate the likelihood of dangerous plaque rupturing within your blood vessels . . .
  • The terrific triad that easily fights back against high blood pressure . . .
  • Why even teenagers and young adults should get lipid panels for heart disease . . .
  • When to avoid having a CT scan for coronary artery disease . . .
  • How simple vitamin C may slash your risk for heart attack (but there's one caveat you need to know to get the benefits) . . .
  • If you can handle this test for 10 minutes, your chance for a cardiac event is nearly zero (even if you already have heart disease) . . .
  • How a low thyroid level could contribute to high cholesterol and sugar intolerance . . .
  • Heart tests so simple, all you do is lie there quietly . . .
  • Plus many, many more heart-helpful tips you can put to use immediately . . .

Dr. Crandall has literally put his own heart and soul into his Heart Health Report.

Each monthly newsletter will contain an easy-to-read discussion about a major heart health issue.

In writing about these topics, Dr. Crandall will draw on the latest studies and most advanced thinking. He firmly believes that there is a time for both conventional and alternative treatments — and he'll give you the best from both worlds.

You'll have information at your fingertips you can use NOW to . . .

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
— and Protect Your Future

Each issue will have a section of Quick Takes: Tips for Better Heart Health Now — action-oriented tips about promising new treatments, effective medications, and the use of supplements, along with dietary and exercise considerations for your heart health.

Then Dr. Crandall will respond to your questions about heart concerns. In fact, he looks forward to receiving your correspondence and offering as much advice and support as possible.

He considers each issue your opportunity to enjoy a "virtual visit" with a cardiologist.

Plus, every newsletter will also include a Heart Health Case History of the Month. These case studies will showcase a story of one of Dr. Crandall's patients, detailing how making changes to your life can radically improve your own heart health.

Heart disease can sap not only your health, but also your spirit.

Dr. Crandall wants you to see that there is hope. Even if you've already been given a diagnosis of heart disease, you'll find that you have much to live for.

Stop Worrying About Your Heart —
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Doctor, Drugstore, and Hospital . . .

Here at Newsmax, we don't want you to worry about your heart. Or outlandish medical expenses, either. Medical expenses that continue to skyrocket.

So I'm particularly happy that Dr. Crandall's Heart Health Report newsletter will serve to help keep your medical costs as low as possible.

That's because this publication can help you prevent new or further heart disease — plus it may help save you money on office visits, unnecessary medication, and other expenses of medical care.

And don't worry.

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At your leisure, read over your FREE report and your FREE 3 issues of Dr. Crandall's Heart Health Report.

Take what you discover to help yourself and those you care about.

And if you're not delighted with the practical heart-saving information you find in each and every report, just let me know.

You're under no obligation to continue with the subscription.

Either way, you can keep any issues you've received with our thanks, just for giving this stellar publication a try. How's that for fair?

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P.S. John Ritter's tragic heart condition has a genetic basis. After Ritter died, his brother was tested and found to have the same condition, which was successfully repaired surgically. Yes — heart disease is a killer, but you can take steps to minimize or prevent it.

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