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YES! Send me my FREE Healing Wisdom Collection from world renowned heart expert Dr. Chauncey Crandall, which includes the book Why Christians Get Sick and other gifts. I will receive my Kit for agreeing to try a subscription to Dr. Crandall’s Heart Health Report at the low rate of only $54.95 ($49.95 for digital) for a year (12 monthly issues), containing great strategies for my optimal health and wellness. Plus, I also receive a 3-month trial subscription to Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report!

My Kit consists of the following items: Healing Wisdom Collection

#1: FREE Book — Why Christians Get Sick
(A $13.36 value — at no cost)

In this book by a renowned Christian pastor, you’ll discover actual Biblical answers for why we get sick, and how to avoid illness and disease by returning to God’s natural laws. See the diet given to us direct from God as written in the Bible, foods you should and shouldn’t eat, and much more. Find out the truth about the health impact of prescription drugs and today’s medical industry, along with the high physical costs of stress, negative emotions, and inadequate exercise.

#2: FREE Special Report: Fight Heart Disease With Dr. Crandall’s Life Plan Diet
(A $15 value — at no cost)

See how you can live to 100 by eating like a caveman! Dr. Crandall’s eating plan incorporates the best of the popular Mediterranean diet and the proven plant-based diet to achieve the most success in preventing and reversing heart problems and many other diseases. Plus, see exactly what Dr. Crandall, a renowned cardiologist and devoted Christian, eats daily to remain heart-healthy.

#3: FREE Special Report: 7 Quick Fixes to Save Your Heart
(Another $15 value — at no cost)

Discover the same seven ‘quick fixes’ Dr. Crandall gives his own heart patients to immediately get them back on track toward reversing or preventing heart disease. You’ll see a safe, cheap way to lower your cholesterol as well as the one fake food you should never put in your mouth or refrigerator again.

#4: FREE Special Report: Stop Alzheimer’s With a Healthy Heart
(Another $15 value — at no cost)

Discover the little-known link between heart disease and Alzheimer’s and what you can do to prevent both conditions. Plus, see the 5 risk factors that contribute to both diseases. Learn why, if you remain heart healthy, your brain will likely remain sharp well into old age.

#5: FREE Special Report from The Mind Health Report: Strengthen Your Brain Through the Power of Prayer
(Another $15 value — at no cost)

In this bonus report, you'll discover the best ways to incorporate prayer or other spiritual practices into your life for improved health, relationships, and quality of life. You'll find out just how long you need to pray or meditate to slow age-related decline and memory problems, plus you’ll see the actual physical changes that take place in your brain while praying.

#6: FREE Transcript from Today’s Video — Including all 71 Bible Verses
about Health
(At no cost)

And: A Three-Month Trial Subscription to Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report

In this popular Newsmax newsletter, you'll discover powerful strategies and solutions to:

  • Improve your memory and mental function . . .
  • Prevent mental decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease . . .
  • Enhance your daily problem-solving ability and concentration . . .
  • Live a longer, healthier, and happier life with a healthy brain . . .
  • And much more . . .

To receive your FREE Healing Wisdom Collection, just agree to try Dr. Crandalls Heart Health Report at the low rate of only $54.95 for a year — 12 monthly issues (a mere 15 cents a day) — so you can discover even more great strategies to fight back against heart disease, our leading killer.

In Heart Health Report, you will find vital health information covering such topics as:

  • Lowering your risk for a heart attack . . .
  • How to keep your blood pressure in check . . .
  • Simple steps to reverse and prevent heart disease . . .
  • Easy ways to lower your cholesterol and avoid statin drugs . . .
  • Must-have heart tests . . .
  • Super foods for your heart . . .
  • Plus much, much more!

Dr. Crandalls Heart Health Report is loaded cover to cover with the same strategies he has used to heal the hearts of countless patients.

No matter whether you've just been diagnosed with heart disease, have been battling it for years, or just want to prevent it, you'll discover every issue of Heart Health Report to be an outstanding source of real-world strategies to help you live symptom free, drug free, and stress free.

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