Dr. Chauncey Crandall


Confessions of a Christian Cardiologist

As a heart doctor, I used to think my purpose was to treat the sick.

I believed that I could choose only one path — science or faith. The two couldn’t possibly coexist.

Yet, after everything that has happened in my life, I’ve learned that both paths are real. My purpose is to treat not only the sick, but also the lost. To discern through the power of the Holy Spirit what ails them — whether it’s a physical issue, spiritual bondage, sin sickness, or other problems.

And while I am a mortal physician with four decades of medical experience, I always point those with whom I come into contact toward the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.

In my book Touching Heaven: A Cardiologist’s Encounters With Death and Living Proof of an Afterlife, I offer you an invitation . . .

Walk with me through my own journey to faith — and see the same glimpses of eternity I have seen.

Witness the Intersection Between the
Physical Realm and the Spiritual Realm

I can tell you this: Both realms are real, just as surely as God is real.

In Touching Heaven, I have woven together timeless Scriptural truths with the stories of my encounters with the divine — as a doctor, a husband, a father, and most importantly, a believer in my Lord and my God.

You will hear about my first encounter with the reality of heaven, which happened to me as a 19-year-old orderly witnessing an autopsy at a Virginia hospital.

You will read about the cholera camps in Haiti, where I went to serve medically. People were dying so rapidly that they kept cardboard coffins piled right outside the tents. Yet, once we summoned the power of God and cast out the power of darkness, people miraculously stopped dying.

You will hear what patients tell me after they have flat-lined and then been revived. This alone will restore your faith in Him.

I have seen the dead come to life — literally. I have witnessed astonishing healings and recoveries that modern medicine would call impossible.

I will tell you all about Jeff Markin, a middle-aged man who had been declared dead in the ER. He had been shocked 10 times with the defibrillator and was turning black with death. But I felt the Lord telling me to turn around and pray for him. I won’t tell you the complete story here, but in Touching Heaven, you will see the miracle of God in action — demonstrating His power of resurrection. And Jeff was not the only one, as you’ll see . . .

I have often been present during that sacred moment when a life passes from this world to the next. I share with you the story of my own young son Chad, who battled leukemia. During Chad’s illness, my family and I saw God manifest Himself in ways you could not even imagine. My wife, Deborah, and I tell you: Have hope — God is good and faithful. His peace and mercy endure beyond every sorrow in this life.

God Gives All of Us Glimpses
Into the World Beyond This One

Are you seeing these messages, these signs, and these gifts with spiritual eyes — or missing them with your physical ones? Perhaps you have doubts, or perhaps you’re not paying close attention.

In Touching Heaven, you will see how to connect with God by seeing His marvels and by acknowledging His gifts.

You will discover the power of spiritual touch — physically laying hands on someone’s forehead or shoulders.

You will read what it means to be “slain in the spirit” — when people often fall down in a gentle, graceful swoon or undergo other physical reactions after being touched by God’s Holy Spirit.

You also will see what the demonic forces of Satan can do to people — and how to use the Word against these dark powers of evil. Fortunately, darkness cannot remain where the light of heaven falls.

You will see why, as a believer, you carry the power of heaven with you into every situation.

Use my experiences as a steppingstone on your own path to operating in the light of heaven. Believe me, you will be forever changed.

God Puts Us Where He Wants
Us for a Specific Purpose

While thirsting for my own “tribe” to minister to, I decided I would even quit medicine and go into full-time ministry — if that was what God wanted.

But as I listened, I heard the voice of God tell me that my tribe consisted of my medical patients. My life’s role is to help heal them — and save them.

I also felt the Lord prompting me to pray with them personally, if they would allow it. Only one patient has ever turned me down. And with just this single addition to my spiritual life, I’ve seen miracles happen.

One patient, Earl, was in heart failure and waiting for a donor heart. He had been on intensive life support for months and couldn’t even lift his head off the pillow. After praying for him, the next day Earl was sitting up. His heart eventually became so healed that he never needed that heart transplant. I want to be clear: It was not me; it was the power of God, activated by prayer.

I don’t question the presence of heaven anymore, and I hope after hearing of my experiences, you won’t either. You see, after everything I’ve witnessed, heaven is more real and tangible to me than ever.

In Jeremiah, we are told: “You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”

And while I fight for the lives of my patients, I am no longer content to focus merely on their mechanical hearts and their physical well-being. While of course I long for my patients to escape their bodily infirmities and diseases, I also long for them to escape the eternal agonies of hell. That’s why I give them the best of medicine and the best of Jesus.

I join every day with Christians like you to call in the kingdom of light, where only the kingdom of darkness has reigned. Every day, I invite heaven into any situation, medical or otherwise, because . . .

Eternal Life Is Guaranteed

It’s just a matter of where “forever” will be spent. You must make a choice, because death can be terrible or transcendent, the greatest loss or a glorious gain.

As a Christian, your birthright is eternal life. But you must keep eternity in mind today. In Touching Heaven, you will discover how important it is to:

  • Adjust your attitude to realize you are just “passing through” on your way to your eternal home . . .
  • Make changes to your lifestyle that emphasize God’s priorities and desires for you . . .
  • Find help for your soul — and renew your spirit with God’s help . . .
  • Work wholeheartedly and wait with expectancy for the bliss that awaits you when you are called home . . .

You have a “tribe” too — and it is no coincidence you are reading this letter right now . . .

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From my heart to yours,

Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible,
but with God all things are possible.” — Matthew 19:26

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